About Me

I am a maker of jewelry, a teacher, a lover of Kung Fu movies, and pho.  My curiosity has taken me around the country and the globe, where I have "collected" many of the color palettes you'll find in my work. 

In my jewelry I combine my love of color and texture through the traditional techniques of wirework, metal smithing, and bead weaving.  All of my pieces are hand formed and wrapped, and the beads are stitched into place - one at a time - with loving care.  I have been working in this style since the idea came to me over Chinese-food leftovers on Thanksgiving weekend 2007. 

After years spent in Washington, DC. New Orleans, Iowa City, New Orleans (again!) and Salt Lake City, I have recently returned to the East Coast, and am now calling the amazing city of Baltimore home.  When I'm not teleworking or making jewelry, you'll find me; walking around Baltimore's beautiful neighborhoods; trying to decide on a new restaurant to try with my partner; or allowing my cats Chicory and Roux to show me some love for as long as they feel like it! 

Connect with me:

Instagram: @2dotsovertheijewelry

Pinterest: 2 dots over the i